[Catarosa Images]The Catarosa Ranch is a true south Texas facility. From the time you arrive at the ranch and pass under the large gate, until you step foot in the ranch house, it exemplifies the true Texas atmosphere. The ranch and facilities are of five star quality.

The ranch being built during the late 90's has undergone several upgrades over the past few years to increase the comfort and amenities. The ranch has been in existence since the late 1990's and was built by the Dobson Family. The Dobson's are famous for the founding of the Whataburger chain of restaurants in the southern United States. After its establishment, the ranch changed hands several times before our purchase of the property.

The main ranch is 6000 square foot facility, 5 bedrooms, with each bedroom having a private bath/shower, dining room, grand room including a pool table. The ranch also has a separate barn / guides quarters, keeping our ranch bedrooms and facilities reserved to our guests.

In the evenings and throughout the day you will have plenty of time to socialize with our guides and hunters that are at the ranch. From our grand room, equipped with satellite TV and Pool table, to the outdoor patio and fire pit, there are plenty of areas to sit back and relax when you are not hunting.

We have a full outdoor shooting range for both gun and bow hunters to allow you to sight in and test your weapons prior to hunting.

Meals at the ranch are served family style and are of a south Texas flair. Although you may not find Caviar and escargot at the Catarosa Ranch, you will find some of the best home cooking you will ever eat. We believe in providing cooking that will remind you of a good down home meal and have you wanting more. Our home-cooked meals are served family style three times a day and ensure that nobody will leave the table hungry.

We are a full service operation and leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing a first class hunting trip.

Why to Hunt the Catarosa?

  • 6000 square foot ranch
  • Most productive B&C deer county in the world
  • Fully inclusive package prices

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