Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I hunt at Catarosa.
A: We believe that the services and quality animals backed by 30 years of outfitting service sets us apart. We make our living from hunting only and it is what we do best.

Q: Why do you not charge per inch like other ranches?
A: We believe in providing an up front and honest service. As hunters ourselves we have experienced hunts where trophy fees or pay per inch plans exist. We know the anxiety associated with these hunts and do not want our guests to feel this pressure. You are here to enjoy your hunt and not have to worry about extra fees or costs.

Q: What is your wounding / hit animal policy.
A: We spend a tremendous amount of effort to manage our whitetail deer. Our policy is that any animal that is hit and draws blood it is your deer. We will put forth 110% effort to recover the animal, even continuing our searches long after a hunter departs our ranch. In the event you wound and animal that is not recovered, you can continue your hunt for hogs/predators (conditions permitting) or choose to purchase another hunt package to pursue deer.

Q: Am I able to shoot "cull" bucks or does on my hunt?
A: As with any good management practices we do harvest does and cull deer and are available to our guests. This is the guides call and every situation is different. First and foremost our goal is to present opportunity for your intended trophy.

Q: If I wanted to hunt for another deer after filling my initial tag are there options for additional deer.
A: Yes, we do offer the opportunity to hunt for additional deer at a discounted cost. On our ranch hunt a second deer up to 140" (if harvested or wounded) would be an additional $3000. On our trophy hunts any additional deer harvested will be negotiated at the time of your hunt.

Q: Will a guide be with me at all times?
A: Yes, a guide will be with you at all times and has the final say on if and when to shoot.

Q: Do you offer hog/predator hunting?
A: Our focus is on mature whitetail deer and should be that of our guests. If a hunter is fortunate to tag out early on a hunt, it will often open up the ability to peruse hogs and predators for the remainder of their stay at Catarosa. Part of our management strategy includes the hunting of hogs, Javelina and predators. We do offer these hunts specifically on a limited basis during the "off" seasons.

Q: What if I am on a Ranch hunt and harvest a deer bigger than the set ranch hunt criteria?
A: The guide has the final say and are all experienced at judging both age and antler score. That being said mistakes can happen and if your deer scores higher than expected it is not your responsibility!!

Q: Do you provide Taxidermy Services.
A: We have both local and remote taxidermy services available that offer great service at reasonable prices.

Q: How big is the ranch
A: The ranch is 2600 acres. We have nearly 100 acres of tillable ground, most of which is planted with both summer and winter forages ensuring a healthy herd. There are 8 tanks (ponds) on the ranch that are stocked with bass.

Q: Is the Ranch High fence?
A: Yes, the nearly 10 mile perimeter of the ranch is fenced with 8' game proof fencing.

Q: What are the license requirements?
A: You will need a Texas big game hunting license.

Why to Hunt the Catarosa?

  • No trophy fees
  • Fully inclusive package prices
  • No exotics

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