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[Catarosa Images]Deer hunting is what we do at the Catarosa ranch. The ranch is located in Dimmit county Texas within the boundaries of the one true "Golden Triangle". This area and specifically Dimmit county bolsters an extremely high number of Boone and Crocket animals per mile in the world.

The ranch is located within this area where the genetics and habitat exist to produce tremendous trophy deer. The ranch is managed under an intensive wildlife plan to assist in producing the best and highest quality whitetail deer possible.

All of our hunts are conducted on a one on one basis. We provide this personal service to ensure that our hunters have an experienced guide helping them at all times in every hunting situation. In our management plan and philosophy at the ranch, we only target animals that have an age structure that is 41/2 years old or better. Antler mass is important, but to truly mange the property and animals to their full genetic potential properly aging deer is critical.

We use several techniques on the ranch to hunt our deer. Since this hunt is a weapon of choice hunt, we have the ability to utilize blinds, stands and ambush sites that are strategically located throughout the ranch providing the best possible hunting situation based on our hunters skills and their chosen weapon. When conditions are right, we will utilize aggressive tactics of rattling, calling and spotting/stalking. Our hunting experiences are an interactive effort with both the guide and hunter working together towards a successful goal.

The Ranch Hunt - The ranch hunt is our basic hunting package and is aimed at a hunter looking to harvest a mature whitetail that is 4.5 years old or more with up to 150" of Boone and Crocket gross mass. We offer this package at a price of $4000 and there are NO HIDDEN FEE's. You will not pay a trophy fee, price per inch or incur any additional charges at the ranch for this hunt. You will work hand in hand with your guide hunting, locating and determining what deer fall into this class. This is a 3 night and 3 day hunt for a deer up to 150".

The Platinum Ranch Hunt - This hunt expands on our ranch hunt. The target class of deer is still in the 4.5 year old or better range, but his antler mass is substantially higher. On this hunt you will target higher scoring animals that has the potential to gross 160" or better of B&C mass with animals that can reach and exceed the 200" mark. We offer this package at a price of $9500 and there are NO HIDDEN FEE's. You will not pay a trophy fee, price per inch or incur any additional charges at the ranch for this hunt. You will work closely with your guide in this hunt to age and score animals that fit into this package. This is a 4 night and four day hunt for any buck on the ranch with unlimited antler score!!

Again we can not emphasize enough that offer our philosophy is to offer our customers two simple hunting packages to choose from. We want your hunt to be enjoyable and not have you stressing over trophy fees, antler fees and additional charges. We are hunters ourselves and have hunted throughout the US. We believe in keeping it simple, offering a service that is second to none and backing it up with solid fixed pricing.

Our Hunting Packages include the following:
  • Package prices are fully inclusive, NO TROPHY FEES or pay per inch.
  • Daily housekeeping services including linens
  • All meals
  • One on One guide service
  • Tracking, recovery and registration of game
  • Care of game (capeing, quartering and freezing)
  • Texas big game license required at an additional cost

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Why to Hunt the Catarosa?

  • No exotics
  • No pay per inch
  • Most productive B&C deer county in the world

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