Texas Golden Triangle

Texas Deer Hunting in the Golden TriangleThe brush country of south Texas sets the stage for some of the best whitetail hunting in the world. The state of Texas harbors well over a million deer in it's population, but no area produces the antler mass of that which is found inside the "Golden Triangle".

The true Golden Triangle of Texas is an irregular triangle area that encompasses the following counties: Dimmit, LaSalle, Maverick, Zavala and Webb. Dimmit and Webb are recognized as the number one and two record book counties throughout the United States according to the Boone and Crockett club. Dimmit being the smaller of the two counties has the highest number of B&C entries per square mile and any place in the world!

What makes the golden triangle area so good and productive in regards to B&C entries you might ask? It is a combination of items that created the perfect environment of growing large whitetail deer. Large ranches and tracts of land with limited and restricted deer harvest are the first item in creating this deer Mecca.

The other despite the looks of Texas brush country is the unique combination of crude protein, phosphorus and calcium found within the 1,558 vascular plants native to the area. Many of these species are highly preferred by the whitetail deer. Some of these species can include up to 21% crude protein like the granjeno during its spring growing. Even the famous prickly pear of south Texas contains abundant amounts of protein and carbohydrates for the animals of south Texas.

The soil located in the "golden triangle" is red and is an additional clue to the areas tremendous deer herd. It is this red soil that provides the rich mineral content supplying the food source to the native vegetation.

The biggest natural enemy to the region is drought. Average annual precipitation is around 16 inches with an all time low of just under 3 in 1917. The native plants to this area are accustomed to the low amounts of water and produce abundant growth with little rain in the spring and early summer. These natural forages produce tons of high quality browse and feed for the wildlife that inhabit the area each year. Much of the high protein content becomes available at the same time that whitetail antler growth is at it's peak phases where high amounts of protein are required. The final piece to the puzzle is herd control and buck to doe ration. Natural predation and hunting have kept the herd sizes in the golden triangle in check. Fawn survival rates are typical under 30% annually due to the hash environment. Combined with quality deer management practices the "golden triangle" maintains the optimal level of deer to produce by outstanding quantity and quality of animals.

The golden triangle combines the key ingredients, habitat, nutrition, genetics and age to create an environment unlike any place else in the United States. We encourage you to come and experience the "golden triangle" as it is the quintessential capital of the deer-hunting world.

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