Ranch Maintenance for all your needs!

There is nothing quite like an authentic South Texas property with thriving wildlife and plant life. Whether your vision for your land is for it to be teeming with huge native whitetails, a vast array of diverse exotics species, or a bit of both, CRS can help bring such dreams to life through the following services.

Management Plans

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If you are looking to get the most out of your property a well thought out and organized management plan is the way to go. Our customized management plans are tailored specifically to your individual goals and unique property. To maximize your wildlife our management plan includes . Camera surveys , animal counts , feed and water distribution, etc.

Helicopter Surveys

Of the many different survey methods the helicopter survey is the most effective method  used to get an overall herd count of your  wildlife . At CRS we can set up a survey and get a good look at the wildlife and any other factors that play into management .

Predator Control

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One major “top down” management tool that is often overlooked is predation control. Like any other part of a strong management plan. Predation control is only as effective as the time spent implementing the plan continually. CRS is a big proponent of predation control. We have found that an on going predator control strategy can greatly increase your fawn recruitment and all game population exponentially.

Habitat/Native Plant Management

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Habitat plays a vital role in wildlife management and at CRS we can help restore native plant species or remove any unwanted species to optimize the habitat of your property.

Ranch Maintenance for all your needs!

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