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South Texas - Land & Ranch Services Team
Meet the CRS team! We are a South Texas hunting and ranching family from Uvalde. We aim to serve others in our community with our decades of combined experience. Our family possesses invaluable ranch, wildlife, and project management expertise from owning and/or overseeing property and organizations throughout the United States and hunting throughout the world. Get to know each of our members a bit better below!
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Catarosa Ranch Services Team

Decades of Experience
Catarosa Team Members

Tom and Tracey Aasbo

Tom and Tracey have been business-owners for most of their lives. Tom began his career in the construction industry, building homes and commercial properties while guiding and outfitting on a part-time basis. Tracey utilized her biology degree and worked as a wildlife tech. In 1995, they sold everything and took a leap into the outdoor industry. Since then, Tom and Tracey have been in the full-time hunting business. For nearly two decades they outfitted in Colorado, Maine, as well as Quebec and Ontario Canada. In 2009, they, along with their daughters (Annika and Maddie), settled in Catarina, Texas, and ran the Catarosa Ranch as a commercial hunting operation until they sold in 2022. Throughout their career, Tom and Tracey have started as well as bought multiple hunting operations, farms, and ranches-building each to its fullest potential.

Trent and Annika Belicek

Trent and Annika both grew up on South Texas whitetail ranches and spent much of their youth hunting and rodeoing. After graduating high school, Trent attended the Wildlife Management Program at Southwest Texas Junior College and Annika earned a business management degree from Texas Tech University. Since college, Trent’s work experience includes wildlife and ranch property management on several different world-class ranches across South Texas as well as a 6-month apprenticeship under a hunting outfitter in Tanzania. Annika is currently on the management team of a local construction company and is also instrumental in the office administration of CRS.

Maddie Aasbo

The youngest of the team, Maddie, is currently enrolled at Southwest Texas Junior College pursuing a degree in wildlife management. Like Trent and Annika, she too has grown up hunting, ranching, and rodeoing. Maddie is on the college rodeo team, and, when not traveling to rodeos or at class, you can find Maddie working with the CRS team, performing wildlife research, or putting her blood tracking dog, Curby, to work!


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Catarosa Ranch Services is a family owned and operated business with the mission of providing top-quality services to hunters, ranchers, and other landowners in South Texas. The owner-operators of CRS bring over 25 years of ranching and management experience, specializing in the maximization of wildlife and habitat quality and land value.
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